Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Reading

I don't think I'd get half as much sewing done as I do if it weren't for audiobooks. Mysteries are my 'go to' genre when stitching--I can sew well into the night if I'm on an exciting investigation--but over winter break I enjoyed listening to a couple of memoirs.

Who could resist a book called The Bucolic Plague? I couldn't. It's about two city guys (one the former resident 'guest physician' on the Martha Stewart show, the other an advertising exec) who buy a mansion in upstate New York and practically kill themselves trying to create a 'show' farm and goat milk soap business, all while maintaining their busy city life. It was an entertaining story but their quest to create the perfect-looking, photo shoot ready sort of mansion/farm made me feel kinda sorry for them--so much work to sell a dressed up of image that is only 'kind of' real.

The other book I listened to is about another move from the city to the farm. In The Dirty Life Kristen Kimbell writes about leaving her Manhattan life to join her fiance in Lake Champlain where they start a CSA. Ambitious and young, they set out to provide not only seasonal vegetables to their members, but also milk, eggs, chicken, pork and beef--and instead of tractors, they decide to use draft horses. Her's is a messy, working, living farm and it made me tired just listening to it. But I gotta say, any gal that can hitch a team of draft horses, plant til after dark, can tomatoes, butcher a chicken, and weed 5 acres, is my kind of gal.

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