Monday, January 23, 2012

Ready for Spring

Aaahhh Springtime! I can't wait for Spring to get here. Lately the weather around here feels like Spring, but really Spring's still a ways away. -- Central Texas can be kind of tricky like that.-- Here's a FABULOUS quilt that Barbara Williams brought into the store last week. I love the Springtime color combination she used--and the fabrics go so well with the pattern design. Beautiful!

Anybody gardening yet? Mark got our potatoes in on President's Day and planted our
English Peas plus some extra beets and spinach. The real Spring gardening season is still a little over a month away, but it's nice to get the 'early stuff' started. The highlight of our weekend was borrowing my father in law's dump trailer and hauling some composted horse manure to our place. Only four more trips to make.



  1. Horse manure compost and gorgeous quilts in one're so diverse, Kim!

  2. Gorgeous quilt. My dad was a potato farmer here in North Dakota!

  3. Hey you guys! I'm so excited to get 'comments'!

    LoL Jennifer--good things I led with the quilts and not the horse poop--I might have lost a few readers. : )

    And Mary Ann, how neat! I'd love to see potatoes harvested on a large scale. They're my favorite crop to pick. It's like a dirty, dirty Easter egg hunt.