Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Working Quilts

I hardly ever used to use any of my quilts in our house.  With two teens (now young adults), two or more dogs at any one time, and lots of  the 'outside' coming 'inside' our country house (and not in the Martha Stewart 'bring the outdoors inside' sort of way), we were just too hard on nice things around here.  I didn't want to have to fuss at anyone for eating gooey PB&J while curled on the couch in the Bear Paw quilt, or have one of the guys flop on our bed after mucking out the pig pen, so I stashed my quilts away in closets and cupboards.  But then, in the last couple of years, my quilt 'output' outpaced our home's storage space.  Except for my bestest, most pain-in-the-butt applique-all-the-way quilt, my quilts became working quilts.

I gotta tell you . . . although there has been a certain amount of destruction--a few stains, buttons eaten off here and there (by the dogs, not us)--it's been well worth it.  I love having quilts laying around the house.  And with more quilts in circulation and out of the linen closet, there's more space for the new quilts I'm making.

Here's to working quilts!