Friday, February 8, 2013

Look what I got at the Post Office!

Spring must be around the corner in Central Texas.  As some of you may know, my hubby has a little Feed Store in Pflugerville and from time to time I help out there.  This time of year we start selling chicks.  We order the chicks from a hatchery in Cameron, TX and they get MAILED to us! 

When the chicks arrive at the Pflugerville PO, I get a call early in the morning--'You've got a package.  Come pick it up.  It's loud!'.   As soon as you open the door at the PO you can hear the little chicks chirping away behind the counter.  I make a lot of friends at the PO when I get the birds.  Most people in line to mail a package are surprised to see a BIG box of birds leave the mail counter.  

Here they are, save and sound, back at the feed store.  Next stop is a nice warm brooder with their first meal of chick starter and fresh water!
I think I feel like making a chicken quilt now . . .


  1. sweet! I bought 5 chicks from a local nursery as in garden shop. They had been sexed, but no guarantees. THREE of the five were roosters! Ack!!!!

  2. what breeds did you order? I still need to get my chicks but just have not had the time to really get to the feed store. I wished I was a little closer to Austin would love to come up and see your store. I am down here in the fort worth area.