Monday, April 23, 2012

After-Party Time

We hope our friend Meghan is sitting down right now with her feet up enjoying a well deserved rest.  Some of you from Redwork/Embroidery Club may remember Meghan.  She came in last month for some background fabric for this fabulous quilt.  In the quilt Meghan paper-pieced blocks depicting all the houses her family has lived in.  How neat is that?

Anyway, Meghan was finally able to unveil this very special quilt on Saturday when she presented it to her very special mama, Alice, at her mama's birthday party  I don't think I've had the pleasure to meet Alice, but I have to assume that Alice worked real real hard for many many years in order to raise up such a fine young woman --one who would not only sew her mama a fabulous quilt, but would also organize out of town guests and a whole lot of food in order to celebrate their mama's birthday.   Meghan and Alice--you girls rock!

Some other cool things about this quilt . . .  Meghan was inspired by a cross stitch sampler her mama did years ago.  She re-did the sampler design in her center applique block.  There's mama and daddy, Meghan and her brother.  So sweet!

And . . . Meghan's friend designed this fabric and had it printed by Spoonflower.  In the fabric, the words from mama's cross stitch sampler are reproduced.  One day soon this will be the backing fabric for Alice's quilt.  No hurry Meghan--right now you just need to rest up.

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