Thursday, May 2, 2013

Laundry can be dangerous!

My son heard a suspicious sound when he walked into the laundry room the other evening.  After some investigation this is what he and Mark found in the dryer.  It took the better part of the evening for Matt and Mark to extricate the stuck snake.

It was just a 'little' rat snake--not harmless--but not really what you want to encounter in a tiny laundry room.  I'm terribly impressed with my snake handler daughter (seen right).  Soon after I took this shot of her, the snake wiggled and it was a miracle I didn't throw my camera across the room as I jumped back.   . . . I'm a bit put off of laundry for the time being.

And now for some quilting news . . .
My new book, Farm Fresh Quilts, is now out.  I'm so happy with how the book looks.  I really haven't seen a Kansas City Star book I don't like, but this time I think  the photographer and the book designer really outdid themselves creating such a beautiful book out of my quilts and projects.

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  1. The book looks great!! (The snake does not.) I can't wait to get my hands on the book. I had admired the "Live Simply" pattern and didn't realize that it was written by the "sewing with terriers" blogger!!