Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Staff & Cute Dog Pic

We've got a new friend staying with us for a little while at Hennig House and he's a real sweetie. He had been a High School student's show pig, but didn't make it to the last show of the season. (He wants to tell you it was only because of a paperwork problem--he's a fine pig). Right now he's desperate for company. Pig-pig had plenty of stall mates at the school's ag barn and now all he has is our two calves and a couple of rude goats to socialize with.

Bo feels a little left out with all the pig-talk, so here's a funny dog pic of him. As you can see, Bo feels about his dog food bag like I do about the bottom of an empty peanut butter jar.

And one more thing--this time sewing related--I've got a new rack of Valdani floss at Hennig House. I can't wait to use some of this floss. I just have to decide -- wool applique . . . punch needle . . . embroidery . . . what project to do?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Turtles & Trucks

The best thing about running Hennig House is getting to meet the quilters and crafters who drop by the shop. I ESPECIALLY like it when they bring projects they're working on!

A couple of weeks ago Shelly brought this adorable quilt top. Shelly's like me--she likes to applique. Can you tell? (BTW, Connie is starting a fabulous applique club at Hennig House. We'll meet the first Thursday morning of each month beginning in March. See the website or come by the shop for more info.)

Then yesterday she brought in this turtle quilt. I was so flattered . . . because it's from my new book! Thanks, Shelly. You made my day.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ready to Sew?

While I'm really looking forward to using this quilt, the process of actually piecing it is killing me! It was fun for the first couple of hours, but after a weekend full of strip piecing, it's a lot like work. Luckily it's pretty mindless work so I can listen to a book on tape (or ipod) and sew away deep into the night.

33 blocks down only 23 more to go! Could someone remind me WHY I wanted to make a queen size checker board quilt? . . . If only I could teach Bo to run the machine.