Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Staff & Cute Dog Pic

We've got a new friend staying with us for a little while at Hennig House and he's a real sweetie. He had been a High School student's show pig, but didn't make it to the last show of the season. (He wants to tell you it was only because of a paperwork problem--he's a fine pig). Right now he's desperate for company. Pig-pig had plenty of stall mates at the school's ag barn and now all he has is our two calves and a couple of rude goats to socialize with.

Bo feels a little left out with all the pig-talk, so here's a funny dog pic of him. As you can see, Bo feels about his dog food bag like I do about the bottom of an empty peanut butter jar.

And one more thing--this time sewing related--I've got a new rack of Valdani floss at Hennig House. I can't wait to use some of this floss. I just have to decide -- wool applique . . . punch needle . . . embroidery . . . what project to do?

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  1. Kim, we are coming to see you tomorrow. Loved all your wonderful patterns at the Dallas Quilt Show. Can't wait to see your store.