Friday, December 2, 2011

Opening Day at Hennig House Quilt Shop

Woo Hoo! We are up and running at our little stone house turned quilt store. Mark took the day off work to help out and I couldn't have done it without him. We had just put our temporary sign out by the road and were in the process of telling ourselves that it would be OK if we didn't have but one or two folks pass through during the day when these wonderful quilters from the PFUN Quilt Bee pulled in the drive. They WERE lots of pfun and good sports too. They even let Mark take a photo of my first group of customers! Thanks to all of you.

We also met some great quilters from the Austin Area Quilt Guild and the Chisolm Trail Quilt Guild. Thanks everybody for your support! Mark and I are very excited about our new quilting venture and look forward to serving our local quilters and crafters.

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